Saturday 12 April 2014

Mayfly - Chivers EP (1997)

With all of our excitement about a Slow Fresh Oil reunion show, we forgot about posting some other bits and pieces that came to us via CP Walsh. So, back to the usual CCPS agenda - making up stuff about bands we don't actually know anything about!

We can't remember Mayfly. We're getting nothing when we try to cross-reference their members to any other bands. We think they were eaten by coyotes shortly after recording this tape.


Unknown said...

File not found, oh no! I'm dying to hear Mayfly again, one of my favourites from the Calgary days. (Where did my cassettes go!?)

Gene Poole said...

Link should be fixed now!

Unknown said...

I am not sure if this webpage is still active or comments are checked. I am a former band mate from Mayfly (bassist Mike Logan). I only recently discovered this site when looking for any old photos or information from our old band days in Mayfly. If the CCPS is interested in other Mayfly music dating back to late 1990's I could likely provide music files (mp3 format) for the album recorded at Sundae Sound (album name: Bring on the Dingoes). The band has not been active since early 2000s.

-Mike Logan

Unknown said...


I am the younger sister of William Hotomanie. I would really appreciate if I could get a hold of some of the songs my brother was in during his band days.

Nikki Blondeau

Unknown said...

Hi Nikki,
Please email me at I have our CD recorded at sundae Sunday. I am trying to convert files from the disc to mp3 but not working on my Mac. I'll try this week on my PC at work.
Mike Logan