Friday, 25 April 2014

Lemonjade - Birth EP (1994)

While we're digging through the CCPS CD collection, we might as well share this, as an indicator of the Calgary scene in the mid-90's. Britpop everywhere! Except for the grunge bands. Oh, and the garage rock bands. And, uh, the funk metal bands.

Anyways, Lemonjade brought guitarist Lyle Crilly together with former tion singer Heather Boland (important question: is she related to Doug Boland?) and former Brass drummer Derek Scott. And someone else. Oh, look, they recorded with Jeff Burns! Hey, we're getting pretty good at regurgitating liner notes...

Get yr Britpop dose here.


chart said...

Yes Heather was Doug's sister.

Anonymous said...

She still is Doug's sister.