Sunday 20 April 2014

Fire Engine Red - 1530 (Advance Copy) (1995)

Now, here's a thing. You may know that we at the CCPS are HUGE fans of the Primrods (we may have told you this once or twice). But what you probably don't know is that we're also HUGE fans of Fire Engine Red. 1530 has been one of our go-to records for the past, well, almost 20 years. We've been searching for an excuse to post it, and thanks to Lee Shedden, we now have that excuse in the form of this - a rare advance cassette of their meisterwerk.

Lee says that this tape is not only a different running order from the final CD (which we can confirm, thanks to our basic literacy skills) but also slightly different mixes (which we can almost confirm - but we're lazy). Lorrie says he doesn't remember this tape at all. We haven't asked James, mostly because Gene is a bit embarrassed by a drunken proclamation of his love for the Thousandsticks.

That said, how awkward is this band photo in this James Muretich article?

Whichever way you cut it (or mix and sequence it, as the case may be), 1530 is still one of our favourite things to come out of this city. Lorrie recounted a few stories from this era in his great conversation on Mike Bell's Bandwagonish podcast - so you probably know that even before the CD came out, Lee wigged out and quit the band. We always wonder what would have become of these guys had the original trio stayed together (or, even better, if they'd just added Brooker Buckingham on second guitar).

Anyways, grab this and try to imagine that for yourself.

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