Monday 7 April 2014

CCPS Miscellany: Slow Fresh Oil - White Trash on Black Laquer (1998)/Post-Operative Socket Management (1999)

We really meant to leave Edmonton, but we gotta stay for one last post. And, yeah, we know - these aren't tapes. BUT this is one of our favourite Edmonton bands ever. And they're playing a reunion show next month at the Palomino!

For us, Slow Fresh Oil were a high water mark in not just Alberta's music scene, but 90's music in general. It was listening to Thrush Hermit covering Sebadoh. Or Sebadoh covering Thrush Hermit, we're not sure which. Anyways, super-catchy lo-fi pop:

The band put out two official releases - an LP and a CD. Instead of linking to a download, though, we're going to point you to their fresh, new bandcamp, where you can download a 90-track compilation of their complete works.

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