Tuesday, 1 April 2014

CCPS Miscellany: Dead Beat Back Bone - Demo/Snapperhead (1992)

The rest of the tapes from CP Walsh are taking us to Edmonton, which - as you likely have already figured out - is a trip we're happy to take. Especially when it includes former Jr. Gone Wild guitarist Steve Loree. CP gave us three tapes, which confused us a lot, especially when we realized that the covers and track listings of two were pretty much identical.

We're quite partial to their first tape (which we have two copies of - with slightly different artwork), which sounds more than a bit like Jr. Gone Wild ("Rain Or Shine" is also on that band's Simple Little Wish tape). The second tape isn't bad, it's just... different. Somewhere in between the two recordings, AltRock became a thing, and so the sound is... well, here's a song from Bead Beat Back Bone's first tape, redone in their revamped style:

Note that both Loree and Brian Toogood are both wearing Doughboys t-shirts, to match their buzzsaw guitars.

It was like that back then.

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