Friday 14 March 2014

Walking Dead - Demos

Sadly, it's time to wrap up the box of James Muretich's tapes that Mary-Lynn Wardle lent us. If you're going to wrap up, we think you should wrap up with something special.

So this: a country band, fronted by Lucky Holloway, and with the Man Himself on drums. We remember seeing the Walking Dead (side note: why is that not one but TWO Calgary bands have ended up having hit TV series named after them? For these guys and Big Bang Theory, network TV has killed the google-ability of their names) at the Night Gallery. Our memory is that they were a riotous good time, but then most of our memories of the Night Gallery involve riotous good times. And fear of having to use the men's toilet.

Anyways, getting back to James Muretich and Lucky Holloway, this is pretty good stuff. Straight-up, heart-felt country from circa 1995 (one of the tracks on here also appears on the Play compilation, suggesting to us that the other three tracks one here are from the same sessions).

Since he passed away in 2006, there have been a lot of wonderful, heart-felt tributes to James Muretich, and - never having met the man - it would be stupid of us to even try to match them. So we'll just say this: it's quite likely that without James Muretich, Calgary's music scene wouldn't be what it is today.

So grab this demo, and raise a glass of scotch in his memory.

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Lucky Holloway said...

I need a copy. How to get? Cheers. Lucky Holloway.