Sunday, 30 March 2014

Same Difference - 4 Song Demo (1990)

Here's another surprise from CP Walsh's box of treats - another tape from Same Difference! It looks like this was recorded after their first proper tape. We're assuming that the line-up is unchanged - we are, once again, dealing with a tape without a j-card.

So, we'll make up for it with this video from the band's 2007-ish reunion show:

Get the tape here.


Chantal Vitalis said...

Wow! What a great collection in your archives! Yes, this is the original lineup: Janine Bracewell, Diane Kooch, Dave Follett, Lori Kennedy and myself. Can't believe you have the other cassette with the handwritten label! Thanks for preserving so much music! Zoo Story! Big Bang Theory! Right up to Sea Horse - thank you :-)

Katyusha said...

Timeless 💜

John Keillor said...

Same Difference shows were so exciting when I lived in Calgary in the late-80s: great songs and great singing.