Saturday, 15 March 2014

Glitter - Spinning Ballerina Cassingle (2013)

Okay, so MAYBE we overdid it on the scotch the other day. We have to confess, glasses of scotch at noon on a Friday is a recipe for... well, in Gene's case, 36 hours of missing memories.

So, we're going to pick up the pieces with a few tapes that were recently released. Starting with this little wonder. Three tracks from.... we're stuck on how to describe Glitter, actually. They're hardcore, but that doesn't quite to them justice - frontman Devon channels all the best of Djewel Davidson, and the band have a more melodic tendency than others that are mining that genre.

We found a copy of this tape at Sloth - but we're not sure where else you can get it. These guys seem to have zero web presence. Which means you'll have to go see their spectacular live show and harass them for a copy.

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