Saturday 15 February 2014

Now Feeling - Live at the National (1985)

We've been slow to post over the past few weeks, mostly because we're sitting on a pile of tapes and can't quite figure out how or where to start. So, we're just going to plunge in with this, a live recording of Terry Tompkins and Andrew Pearce's Now Feeling.

This comes to us via latter-day Now Feeling guitarist Joe McCaffery, who saw this was recorded after Allen Baekeland left the band but before McCaffery joined. The lineup is rounded out with Chuck Gogan on bass and Sean Scott on vocals and guitar.

Of note, "Green Eggs and Ham" features Andrew Pearce on vocals, and was written by none other than Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall.

It sounds like this was recorded for broadcast on (we assume) CJSW, with Greg Curtis providing the intro and outdo for the session. 


Unknown said...

Also with the keyboard it's certainly Neil and really likely Chuck on base

Unknown said...

It's a McCulloch/Pearce song in green eggs.