Sunday 16 February 2014

Now Feeling - Demo (1985)

Of all the tapes we've been entrusted with over the years, the batch containing this one is probably one of the most significant. Last month, Mary-Lynn Wardle contacted us and offered a small collection of tapes that used to belong to James Muretich. Now, handling these tapes is like handling the most holy of holy... uh, holy things. There's a lot of great stuff of James' that we get to share with you over the next while, and we're going to start with this, another Now Feeling tape.

This is a demo that looks like it was recorded around the same time as the radio session we featured yesterday. We're not going to guess at the membership, beyond Andrew Pearce and Terry Tomkins. We're pretty sure these are different recordings from the ones on their From Haloes to Lampshades tape...

Get it here-ish.

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Anonymous said...

Allen Baekeland was a member of this group too.
Love the recordings. - Wah