Friday, 28 February 2014

Funeral Factory/Tau Ceti Art and Clippings (1986-90)

One of the things that has been sitting on a shelf in the CCPS offices awaiting the right time (ie: waiting for us to get off our asses and pay it some attention) is a folder of photos that was originally passed to Golden Rock which found its way into our hands when we staged a hostile takeover graciously accepted their offer to pick up their archives. This is a great set of stuff from local designer and photographer Grant Hutchinson, made up primarily of works he produced for Mike Bezzeg's Small Horse Big Apple.

The collection includes a bunch of great photos - like the ones of the Funeral Factory and Tau Ceti above - as well as press pieces and newspaper clippings. Our favourite thing, though is this:

That photo of James Muretich makes us feel all warm inside. Which, on a cold ass day like today, is important.

The full collection is on the CCPS Facebook.

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