Saturday, 22 February 2014

D. Jewel/The Will/Contradictions (1985-1987)

We're going to go on record with this: Don (DJewel) Davidson is probably on the best front men this city has ever seen. Plus, he's an amazing DJ. So, we're super excited to have this great compilation of DJewel-related tracks from the mid1980s, which comes to us via Quitters Joe McCaffery and Christopher Truch.

Joe tells us that The Will went through a pile of changes after they released their 12" record, which essentially involved something mighty close to an early line up of the Quitters, bringing McCaffery and Truch playing together for the first time.

A couple of the tracks on here are without vocals ("Love Cut With Hate" is just the bed track, bass and drums only). BUT there are a pile of other tracks that we hadn't heard before AND that we really like. "The Science Of Magic" is like the Ex-Boyfriends on quaaludes - which is a pretty amazing thing.

While we sit here in a stupor imagining Djewel fronting the Quitters, you can grab the compilation here.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! Did Ducky King play with anyone other than The Will?