Wednesday 1 January 2014

Wagbeard - Radio Sessions

So, it's New Year's Day. Maybe your day is going like this: you've just woken up from a night of reverie that may not have involved leaving the house. You're a bit hungover. You're also a bit grumpy. And you're Steve Elaschuk.

Well, don't worry! We've got just the thing to keep your sprits up! Or sink them further into the ground, depending on whether or not you really are Steve Elaschuk. Steve casually slipped us two tapes a few weeks ago, and said that they might be of interest. He also said one had Wagbeard's only ever attempt at doing an acoustic set, hinting that it may have been horrible. Well, there's nothing like the vague scent of failure to get us excited, so of course we have to share this with you.

It's actually not as bad as Steve lets on - Wagbeard were a big rock band, so the songs don't translate too well to the acoustic format, especially when the snare drum appears to have been placed directly in front of the mic. Also, the tape appears to be slightly sped up - host Andrew Henry (we think it's him - this is from the show Big Foot Rocket Ship, which he co-hosted with Jaime Frederick) sounds somewhat chipmunk-esque.

Also included is a brief interview on AM 1060's The Edge, in which the Wagbeard boys terrorize the show's host.

Get your new year off to a questionable start and get Wagbeard's radio sessions here.


Anonymous said...

Link doesn't seem to work. It just makes horrible music from our first tape.

Gene Poole said...

Fixed! We linked to the wrong file!