Sunday, 26 January 2014

Primrods - Reunion (2011)

Something that we're never asked - and really wish we were - is: do you have a recording of the Primrods reunion from a couple of years ago? Well, of course we do! We also have (somehow - maybe don't ask, okay?) a one-of-a-kind poster from that night at the #1 Legion - which was in honour of the 40th birthday of Jenny Falconer, bassist Ben Falconer's wife. Well, that's what we were told: we really think it was held to honour all the good work Gene Poole has done in spreading the word of the Primrods.

This show was what we like to think of as the classic Primrods lineup: P1, P2, P3 and P5. It sounded like the guys put a lot of effort into this - they were tight, and played an hour-long set that included all the hits. Including our all-time favourite, "Santa Lucia":

We think you can hear Gene singing along in that clip. He's the off-key one, obvs.

For those who were lucky enough to witness this, you can relive the moment. For those who didn't: nyah-nyah.

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