Thursday, 9 January 2014

Even the Unfair - Even the Unfair (1986)

We got another box of stuff from Greg Kushner that we're trying to sort through, but we thought we'd at least get this out into the open. We hadn't heard of this band until Greg brought them to our attention. He says:
EVEN THE UNFAIR was a band fronted by bassist Shannon Sweeney – one of the sweetest and friendliest people I ever met during my time at CJSW. She and her drummer (I think her name was Maureen, but I’m not sure) worked with a variety of guitarists (including my brudder Jeff briefly).
This is fairly straight-ahead rock musics, not as playful as, say, the Golden Calgarians, but certainly in the same musical direction.

Get even!

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Unknown said...

Update: Even the Unfair was a Calgary band formed in 1985 by Shannon Sweeney (bass), Paul J. Toth (guitar) and Maureen Polson (drums). The band recorded a number of cassettes )primarily at Sundae Sound) but we did a recording at CJSW as well. We played locally for a couple of years but focused on writing and recording. There was another guitar player added to the lineup in 1986 Kim (whose last name escapes me). There was also a brief time (2-3 months) where Paul had left the band and was replaced, presumably by the mentioned Jeff.

From 1985-1987 Even the Unfair spawned 4 or 5 CJSW Top of the Vox 'hits'