Friday, 3 January 2014

Dixie's Death Pool - Melanoma (1991)

One of the holy grails of the CCPS (see, here's how it works - we get fixated on one thing and quest after it for years, We finally find it, celebrate, and then we get fixated on a other thing and quest after it for years... it keeps us occupied, if nothing else) has been the early recordings of Dixie's Death Pool, the vehicle for artist and musician Lee Hutzulak. Lee calls Vancouver home now, but recorded his first pair of tapes here in Calgary while attending ACAD (we think - we might be making that last part up).

This is really great bedroom psych-weirdness. We've always heard a bit of a goth influence - but maybe we're the ones who are on drugs.

Huge thanks to Christopher Truch for sending this our way. Dive into the Death Pool !

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Signe Knutson said...

Yes, It's true - Lee and Todd Hutzulak and I played several times at ACA, as it was known back then, as well as some weirder shows, like at Western's battle of the bands ... (we didn't win). The previous incarnation of the band was the Banana Smoolies. In 1993 we moved to Victoria and had a great relationship with the community there of stellar bands like Roots Round Up, No Means No and the Hanson Brothers, The Vinaigrettes, Kinnie Starr and more. Lee is now in Vancouver and has made many more albums with a rotating roster of musicians and I've continued to sing and play some keys on a few songs. Some of my best memories are of learning Lee's unique way of creating, practising, recording and performing, in order to get his vision out.
My role was the girl voice, keys, sometimes guitar, drums, clarinet, and erstwhile muse.