Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dixie's Death Pool - 13 Days (1992)

Among the many, many regrets we at the CCPS have is that we somehow lost our copy of this tape. So, we're super thrilled that Christopher Truch has lent us his copy. Yep, get ready for another dose of Dixie's Death Pool!

It's worth noting that although he got his start here, Lee Hutzulak has kept this project active during his time in Victoria and Vancouver, putting out his most recent recording a couple of years ago. We found a great Discorder interview with Hutzulak, as well (bringing it home) an F-word review of his last record.

But you probably just want to download this gem.


Lee Hutzulak said...

Hi CCPS! Thanks for putting this and Melanoma up! FYI I am going to make a Bandcamp Page for 13 Days, Melanoma and Koolwhip (also made in Calgary) as an "official" on line spot for people to listen/purchase full rez copies of the music.

Keep up the great work - it's a pretty amazing collection you've amassed here! When I've got said links I'd really appreciate you including them in the page here. Thanks again, Lee

bigmamasig said...

Yes, thanks for posting these! I am trying to put together some kind of curriculum vitae and this really helps <3 - Signe