Tuesday 24 December 2013

Slabs - Feed Our Dirty Dark Souls (2013)

Christmas came early at the CCPS offices! We just got this in the mail, and are super-excited. We're not sure if it's because we're getting more tolerant or because Kamil is getting better (at assembling a good group, at least) - but we really like the Slabs. 

"I'm rolling now and I'm not rewinding it!" someone says on the shambling intro track. Yep, this is recorded straight to ghetto blaster, so you get the Slabs in their raw glory. If you've seen their live show, this tape pretty much captures it. In fact, we're listening to this now, having just seen the band at Republik last night, and it might be the exact same set list. Hmm. 

Anyways, get the limited edition tape from Shake Records


Ohh Oracle said...

Slightly different set list I think ;)

Ohh Oracle said...

Different set list I think :/, for what I can remember, shorter