Monday 30 December 2013

James Keelaghan - Small Rebellions (1989)

We're excited to present an important folk tape today, one the first from journeyman songwriter James Keelaghan. We actually bought a copy of this on CD at the time that it came out, almost 25 years ago. But it's just recently that a CCPS operative stumbled across a cassette copy of this in a local thrift store.

Here's a great article by James Muretich, from a few years after this tape was released:

Update: as we were going through the archives for Doug Wong Music, we found a folder labeled DWM-3378 without an artist's name in the usual spot. But inside is all of the mockups for the art and production notes for this tape! Even though the final art and tape don't bear any indication of Wong's involvement, it looks like he was part of  getting this great piece of work into the world. 

We're not posting the mp3s for Small Rebellions, since this is available from ye olde iTunes.

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