Sunday 22 December 2013

For Pete's Sake - The Fourth Dimension Experiment (1996)

We want to apologize up front for this. Gene Poole loves a bargain, so the three tapes for $10 offer at Recordland combined with our No Tape Left Behind policy means that we didn't pay as much attention to the imagery on this tape as we should have. We haven't posted any overtly-Christian rock on this site, and this tape shows why. Again, sorry for this.


Unknown said...

I am pleased that you did anyway. Interesting to see this cassette cover pop up after all these years, as there could only be a handful out there. If you look closely at the artists signature you will see that this cover was designed by David Spriggs, who has gone on to be considered on of Canada's most talented and innovative artists (look him up). As for the overly Christian imagery...well we were all 16 at the time... but the rock riffs and heavy drums could be mistaken for Black Sabbath, which has just finished turning on my record player as I write this message from my home in the UK. Proud to see my debut album causing a little controversy after all these years! Sincerely, Dunstan

Anonymous said...

I was at a local thrift store yesterday and I was so struck by the cover design of the cassette tape that I had to get it. So now I have this exact tape and it's all because it thought it looked cool.