Thursday 28 November 2013

Sissys - Sissys Sleep (2013)

We were starting to get a bit worried, as we hadn't seen a release from Bart Records in an alarmingly long while. So we were quite excited to see this, the second tape from what is quite possibly the loudest band in Calgary.

Seriously, all of the stereos in the CCPS office together can't match the volume and might of a Sissys live show. There's a certain physical quality to their shows, having your internal organs pummelled by Darrell Hartsook's massively over-the-top guitar rig. So we won't try to match that with this tape - we'll just take these anti-lullabies at whatever volume our aging eardrums can withstand.

Get the tape from Bart Records or the download from the Sissys bandcamp.

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