Thursday 17 October 2013

Viet Cong - Viet Cong (2013)

So, being folks that easily find things to obsess over, we at the CCPS have been delighted with the wonder that is bandcamp. It's a great way for us to window shop, and - usually - actually shop. Yep, we really, really like bands that give us an option to either buy the mp3 or buy their tapes, CDs and Edison Cylinders. Yep, we really, really like that. So, we were kind of disappointed when this popped up, without any way to buy the tape. Bands: don't tease the CCPS with mp3s of a tape. Tell us how we can buy it. It's a simple request, right?

So, we were super excited when we found out that Ketamines/Mammoth Cave braniac Paul Lawton had the foresight to grab a pile of these tapes when Viet Cong passed through Toronto. And we were even more excited when he sent us one! Oh, boy, do we ever get excited easily these days...

Anyways, we're taking a lot of time getting to the content today, aren't we? Yep, we sure are. It's almost like we're stalling for time, isn't it? Well, maybe we are. Maybe... we... are...

See, it's tricky for us to put our love for Viet Cong into words. We saw them for the first time at Broken City earlier this year and were pretty much awestruck. It's disingenuous to call these guys a supergroup or a spinoff of Women... sure, a lazy writer could call them that (wait, we're usually lazy writers... what's wrong with us?), but this is a more-than-the-sum-of-their-parts thing. There are touchpoints to the more angular elements of 70's punk, krautrock and, underneath it all, a great pop sensibility. Great, great stuff.

Get the mp3s from the Viet Cong bandcamp, or... hope that someone in Toronto snags you a copy.

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