Friday 18 October 2013

John Lesbian Seagull/Root Administration - Dirt/Heavy Metal and Communism (2013)

So, after all our bitching and moaning about bands who don't give you a way to buy their tapes via bandcamp, we want to say a huge thanks to Eddie from John Lesbian Seagull for at least answering our request, and happily passing us a copy of this split cassette.

This is kind of an odd mix of bands - in our experience, split records/tapes usually are (except for that Wagbeard/Primrods 10" - that's a high water mark for us. And an excuse to write about the Primrods for a bit...). The frantic pace of the John Lesbian Seagull side kind of outstrips the more by-the-books alt-rock of the Root Administration. But the cover art on the John Lesbian Seagull side is kind of unsettling...

And even though this is a split cassette, you have to go to the John Lesbian Seagull bandcamp to get their side and the Root Administration's to get theirs.

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