Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Everymen/Inquisition - E-I-E-I-OI! (1996)

We're not usually a big fan of split 7" records but this one works for so many reasons, the most notable of which is embodied in the group photo inside the sleeve. Look at all them happy punk kids! Look at l'il smiley Dan Izzo! So cute!

We also love that Inquisition's name was misprinted on the cover - kind of like a super-collectible stamp. But not.


FOZZY said...

Album cover was tribute to bass player; no copies left; MDC; K. Shulgin, Big Boys, Fucked Up, DOA - UK
See thank list

Who was top HC?

Nazi Punx Fuck Off
Proven Subhumans
C. Franz Schultchen
Crass Schultchen, UK
Leeds Oy Oy Orlik Boot!
Czech Republic; Franz K

FOZZY said...

Pud - Boots
No Copies Left

All Ages

FOZZY said...


Many dumb Calgarians


FOZZY said...

Calgary punk may have been eugenics honours for top human specimen; it may be a rigged game to benefit specific families , but holocaust denial is poltically incorrect; Franz Schulychen was the superior hardcore artist of Alberta history on behalf of minor threat; No Copies Left; LA

When playing by the rules; C. Franz Schultchen wins

FOZZY said...

This was Nazi punk
I am master race
Too good for punk

FOZZY said...

We start with age

Then go from there

You won't make it past
13 in Alberta hardcore

FOZZY said...

Punk is subhuman
Hardcore: performed by Kids
The heavy metal business is 18+