Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tau Ceti - Live on KIK FM (1987)

Another gem arrived in our email a short while ago, this time thanks to the Mannequin Depressives' Russ Magee, who writes:

I saw Tau Ceti live only once, during the "Auditions '87" contest, at the age of 16 (my brother's band, "Echo Echo" (nee "The Stand") was competing, but I really tweaked onto Tau Ceti). I've had this tape sitting in my boxes, moving with me, all these years. Recorded onto a home stereo from the live broadcast on May 18, 1987. The set has 5 songs which aren't on any of the albums/singles linked from your site, so far as I can tell:
"City Boy"
"Sold Out" (?)
"Hearts Don't Break"
"Marry Me Mary"
"Paralyzed By Fear"
Our favourite part of the 20-minute set is where frontman Dan Klauss takes the time between songs to spell out the band's name. An excellent example of awkward stage banter, preserved for future generations.

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