Friday 13 September 2013

Shoutin' Abner Pim and the Puritans - Demos (1995/1996)

We got an email a couple of weeks ago from the one and only Bob Keelaghan, with a request and an offer. He asked (politely) if we wouldn't mind removing the download link for the Shoutin' Abner Pim and the Puritans tape we'd posted long ago (as downloads were interfering with the significant income the band was reaping from iTunes downloads of the CD it was later included on). In return, he said he'd give us some old Puritans demos. Well, we're scared of Bob, so we capitulated.

And, boy, are we ever glad we did. Here's what Bob gave us:

1. Three 4-track demos recorded some time in 1995, released only to CJSW as Shoutin' Abner Pim and the Puritans, before the band underwent a dramatic name change: "Welcome to Persia, Batman," "Song Bea," and "Dennis Wilson". Bob says, "They sound crackly, either because they sound bad to begin with or because I couldn't get the volume down on my pre-amp when I did the transfer." The band at the time was:
  • Bob Keelaghan: guitar, backing vocals 
  • Michael Paton: guitar, backing vocals 
  • Vladimir Sobolewski: bass 
  • Chris Temple: Lead Vocals 
  • Jason Woolley: drums
2. "Salt and Vinegar," recorded in 1996 at Sundae Sound during the same sessions as the "Let Me Stand Next to Your Attitude" single. Never released. Line-up: 
  • Mitch Hendrickson: lead vocals 
  • Bob Keelaghan: guitar 
  • Michael Paton: guitar 
  • Vladimir Sobolewski: bass 
  • Steve Nykolyn: drums
We want to make sure you caught that: the first three tracks feature one of our favourite Calgarian voices, Chris Temple. Well, two of them do, as one is an instrumental. And one of them is super slowed down, to hi-larious effect. 

Anyways, we think our deal with Bob worked out pretty well.

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