Wednesday 17 July 2013

Zero Hour - Nature (1987)

We'd like to thank Doug Swift for sending us this, and getting us back onto our original path of preserving old tapes (rather than amassing new tapes as it seems we've been doing lately).

We've seen Zero Hour on the Calgary Compelation and heard about this tape from Dan Izzo (we think? memory is fuzzy on this. Tubby Dog was involved). Doug tells us this tape is an evolution of the band from the Compelation track - original lead singer Lyndon Johnson split and eventually joined Rymes with Orange. The band carried on and put out this tape; Doug tells us:
Our practice space was Riley Manor on Crowchild and 5th until some rich people bought it and they moved it down the street. Our brother band was Eye on You as Murdoch MacLeod lived there too. He came up to Edmonton with us and played third guitar during one of our visits there. Mark "Egg" Sundberg was our tried and true roadie. Unfortunately, he died early in 2013. We loved that guy and I went to Elementary school with him. Although we didn't make it out of Alberta we played lots of shows with some other excellent bands - the list includes Eye on You, Color Me Psycho, Beyond Possession, SNFU, No Rebate, Corrosion of Conformity, Disciples of Power, Silent Terror, No Limbo Lasso, and some others I can't remember. I know we were supposed to play with Crucifucks in Edmonton at some church, but they didn't get across the border so we got to headline that show, which was cool.
This tape is probably more metal than skate punk, but hey, this is Calgary and we do like our metal.


Anonymous said...

This is also Mike Davies's second band before he became Beyond Possessions final guitarist in 1989. Davies's first band was with Lyndon Johnson, Marc Pantella, and Rob Maker and was called Riot City IV. They were regulars at Ten Foot Henry's, opening for SNFU, and Beyond Possession, and Eye on You among others. While there was no demo tape for Riot City, they did manage to steal a school bus, drive to Vancouver, and move in with the Day Glo Abortions in Victoria. They also lived on the streets of East Van with the boys from Death Sentence.

Insomniac's Attic said...

Trust me. We weren't rich. :)