Friday, 12 July 2013

Seahorse - Mal de Débarquement (2013)

We've got a bunch of tapes sitting in the queue, and we've just about dragged Gene Poole out of a deep, deep depression caused by the sudden cancellation of this year's Sled Island for what we can only call very reasonable reasons. In fact, it's this tape that finally lured him back into the CCPS offices.

Seahorse were one of the bands that Gene was really hoping to see at Sled Island, and it looks like he really missed his chance, as these post-shoegaze popsters have already broken up. But not before they left us this tape (which comes without a j-card - perhaps intentionally?). We have to admit, Gene's right about being upset he never saw this short-lived band.

Thankfully, you can grab a download of this from the Seahorse bandcamp.

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