Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mark Mills - Go Love Yourself (2013)

We didn't even think of this until we were queueing this tape up for posting - but remember how yesterday we were talking about the rock and roll lottery show? Another part of our favourite part of the night, alongside Devin Friesen, was Mark Mills. Who we hadn't really noticed before - probably because we've been too busy filling our iPods with obscure Forbidden Dimension tracks.

Anyways, as Beatroute pointed out last month, Mark Mills has played with Life Like Cobra and Hot Sweet Noise. And now he's got a solo tape out. A tape! And a pretty great one at that - this is a rare thing in Calgary, straight up, super-danceable synth pop. Probably the closest thing we have in the CCPS collection to this is Ohama, which puts Mark in good company.

Here's the video for one of the tracks off this tape - we think this is a better sell for the city than that painful tourism video that came out a couple of months ago:

We think you can get this from Mark's bandcamp.

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