Tuesday 18 June 2013

Breaker - In Days of Heavy Metal (1982)

We're going to go a bit sideways here, as we slip into the abyss that is Sled Island. We just found out about this last week, when we were visiting Recordland. Eraz Cohen started asking if we'd heard about this obscure metal band... which, not being super-conversant in metal, we of course hadn't. But a bit of digging on the interwebs, and we were able to find out a whole bunch about these guys. Well, a relatively good amount anyways.

Folks who are more in the know about such things suggest that these guys were well ahead of their time. We're surprised to hear such a well-produced record coming out of the city at that time - apparently this was recorded here at EK Sound and produced by one of the guys from the Stampeders.

Which almost redeems the Stampeders. Almost.

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Unknown said...

Oh man, I got this album from Hotwax records just because it had the words Heavy Metal in it and had a cool black and white cover. I enjoyed listening to it again just now. Pretty good, and definitely ahead of its time. Thanks for finding it!