Thursday 23 May 2013

Lucid 44 - Sweep/Sweep (2013)

We're going to take a bit of a break from the nostalgia posts - 'cos we got some new tapes in the CCPS collection! Starting with this. We were super, super happy to find out that the new Lucid 44 was out on both tape and CD. See, in the CCPS archive, we have a very specific hierarchy for media, which goes as follows (from most preferred to least preferred):

  1. Cassette tape
  2. 7" record
  3. 10" record
  4. 12" record
  5. Small format CD
  6. Regular CD
  7. 8-track
  8. DAT
Of course, there have been cases where we have managed to buy things over multiple formats. Because, well, we're like that sometimes. Too much disposable income and too much storage space are a bad combination.

Anyways, we managed to buy only the cassette of Markus Overland's newest opus, although there was a moment when we considered also buying the CD. And only partly becuase they had different cover art. Also because we're big fans of Overland's sad bastard folk. This is a really great sounding tape (wait, did we really just say that?) - with a full band treatment giving more form to Overland's sometimes rambling solo shows.

And, as a bonus, the band has made this available for free download via their bandcamp.

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