Wednesday 15 May 2013

Jackson Phibes - Old Devil Moon (1998)

We think, from what Tom Bagley once told us, that this single was supposed to have been a full FD thing, but after Widow's Walk, the band fractured and Tom was left on his own... and so, this ended up being a solo-ish outing. Maybe we're making that up, though.

We're never quite sure.

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Iren said...

My brother and I released this when we were running Reanimator Records in the late 90s. We had been talking to Tom about doing a Forbidden Dimension 7", and then they fell apart. So Tom had some songs and we really wanted to work with him so a solo Phibes record it was. The only other thing that we did release from him were the 2 tracks on the Tombstone Park comp and the Forbidden Dimension CD reissuing mainly early tracks...
It's a great records and one of our faves..

Eric Reanimator