Saturday 25 May 2013

Fist City - Hunting You (2013)

In another case of us purchasing a tape which we already had on vinyl, Shake sent us (for a fee) their release of former Lethbridge kids Fist City's first record. We argued for a bit about whether to label this as a miscellany post, as the band is - from what we understand - still at least partly based in Lethbridge. However, their Sled Island bio claims they're from Calgary. But then Gene reminded us about the video for "Debbie Get Yr Boa":

That's too weird for Lethbridge. Plus, we're really big fans of Fist City - they're one of our favourite bands going in this city. Well, assuming you side with Gene on the Calgary-Lethbridge debate.

Buy the tape from Shake, or via the Fist City bandcamp.

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