Sunday 3 March 2013

Big Gulp - Hot Asian Caesar (1992)

We meant to put this up earlier, but quite frankly, we've been listening to the LI 150s and have been a bit reluctant to go on to this. We're snowed in at the CCPS offices today, so we no longer really have an excuse.

This Big Gulp tape looks like it precedes the one we posted almost exactly three years ago, even though it has the same year. Maybe the presence of Ronnie Champagne as producer here kind of helps explain why these guys ended up sounding so much like Jane's Addiction. That and, well, it was the early 90's, after all.

We just found this article by James Muretich, which gives a bit more insight into what made Big Gulp so heavy: Jane's Addiction made frontman Ben Sherazi horny.


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