Friday 15 February 2013

Vindicators - Psychotic Freakbeat (1988)

We managed to squeeze a second Vindicators tape out of Daaren, and we have to say - we're super happy we did.

"With the departure of Jason and the addition of myself and Colin Forsyth you have the band that recorded all of the records and compilation tracks," notes Daaren. "We stole Colin from the ashes of the Coughin' Nails. one of the greatest ever Calgary bands!"

We were a bit confused by the band's membership, since one of their compilation tracks included Ben Sherazi on bass. Daaren was good enough to itemize the succession of other bass players the band went through:
  1. Jason Moriarty
  2. Tia Travis (latter of Curse of Horseflesh)
  3. Dave Mariacci (played bass on the OG record but never played live with the Vindicators)
  4. Glenn Yewen (also of Hard Rain)
  5. Ben Sherazi

We don't think we've ever seen such a high turn-over of bass players in a band. The only person they appear to have missed was Steve Elaschuk.

BUT Jason Moriarty says that he also played on this tape, and that Colin came in only for the band's OG record.

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Anonymous said...

hey buddy, have you got the tapes that were included with the fanzine What Wave?