Friday, 8 February 2013

Pleasant Pack - Don't Say a Thing/Hold On

Just when we were about to give up on this tape, which came to us sans j-card via Daaren Boreham, we discovered a posthumous myspace that spills the beans:
The Pleasant Pack was formed on a lark in the spring/summer of 1988 to have some fun, play one show, and try not to take themselves too seriously. Three of the original members had played together in The Upstrokes, a Calgary-based reggae-punk band from the early 80s. The original members played their "one show" opening for The Vindicators at the National Hotel in August of 1988. One show turned into many as the band continued to play at various venues in Calgary through the summer of 1990.
So, that's pretty good, eh? Well, it turns out the band included one-time CJSW music director and future SNFU manager Dave Fortune on guitar. And, even better - this tape is quite good. "Don't Say a Thing" is a pretty excellent power pop tune and their cover of  Sam and Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin'" is solid.

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