Wednesday, 20 February 2013

LI 150's - The LI 150's

Do you know how long we've been trying to get our hands on this tape? So long, that in the past month we had TWO people pass us copies. So big thanks to Daaren Boreham and Jameel from the Russian Fingers for their impeccable timing.

So, the question you're all wondering: was it worth the wait? Hell, yeah. Seriously, this has been near the top of our list for the past four years, and it does not disappoint. The LI 150s are semi-legendary in the CCPS offices, mostly because we'd only ever heard the one song of theirs from the Narwaur compilation. And because both Golden Rock and Boreham held them in very high esteem. Listening to this tape, we can see why - this is pretty amazing, raw Mod rock.

Daaren notes:
The Li's starting out borrowing and practicing on our gear in our jam space. they later became their own band with several very talented members (Ben and Chris Reid went on to form some great Canadian bands... ). Ben was also latterly the 5th(?) and final bass player in the Vindicators.
We think Daaren might have miscounted, based on our previous post. But, you know what? We don't care. We got LI-150s!


Clint Butler (Li 150's, Big Gulp) said...


Thanks so much for archiving this stuff. It's been at least 20 years since I heard this tape myself (my last copy probably disappeared in the mid 90's) and it's been a trip hearing it again - I truly never thought I would. So many great bands here... I've been downloading like mad. This site is a tremendous gift to the Calgary music scene, past and present.

Thanks again.

Tima Tzar said...

Thanks for this release. Which year did it come out? Thanks!

Ohh Oracle said...

after this Ben became addicted to, well Jane's addiction....ugh