Sunday 10 February 2013

Komodo Discretion - Komodo Discretion

Alright, now we're into the good stuff in the Daaren Boreham collection. And we do mean good stuff - nothing second-rate here. Maybe.

This tape is ground zero for a whole bunch of good stuff; Daaren tells us that Komodo Discretion was Jason Moriaty, Chris Carlson (Big Gulp/Sara and Tegan) and Bryce Dunn's (Smugglers/New Town Animals/Tranzmitors) high school band, pre-Vindicators. This is a pretty cool piece of garage rock - even early on, these guys were mining the good stuff, including the  Motown classic "Leaving Here" and "Louie Louie."


Update: Jason Moriarty got in touch with us, and tells us that the band's played was Kelly Koonce, who went on to play in a band so big, they opened for the Spin Doctors! However, Jason notes that Komodo Discretion played at the Westward Club in their early days, and were told they would "never play there EVER again."

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