Sunday 6 January 2013

You Are Minez - Craft Singles EP (2012)

So, even though we've be pre-occupied over the past few weeks rebuilding the CCPS digital archive (all links should be back up and working - no thanks to RIAA and mediafire's oafish approach to copyright protection), we've had a few new things of note come into our possession. The first is this, the new-ish tape from local boy genius Jean Sebastien Audet. His newest tape is a great slice of bedroom power pop (is that a thing?) - and for us these four tracks hang together better than the 375 tracks on the tape of his that we picked up last summer. Speaking of which, this new The You Are Minez tape feels like a slice of summer.

Update: here's a video thingy from the youtubes:

Get it from The You Are Minez bandcamp.

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