Thursday 10 January 2013

Feel Alright - hahahahahaha (2012)

We have a really difficult time not claiming Craig Fahner as a Calgarian, even though he's now based in Pittsburg. His involvement in two of our favourite projects - SIDS and the Gaye Rage - kind of make us want to steal his passport and all his money and maybe even lock him up in our basement where he will make genius pop recordings for us and only for us... except that last part might be illegal and kind of creepy.

We got our hands on a re-issue of his 2011 tape (both put out by Montreal labels, just to add to the internationality of his Feel Alright project), which takes the original eight songs from his pop opus and adds another two. This is low fi - and amazingly good.

As long as he keeps bringing back gems like this, we'll let Fahner roam free. Get this from the Feel Alright bandcamp.

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