Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Draft Dodgers - Sound of New Kanada (2007)

We're big fans of BART Records, so it's a bit weird that we hadn't heard this until Daaren Boreham lent us his copy. This cassette kicked off Kevin Stebner's label - although he notes he didn't really mean to. And, reading through his comments, we see why we like BART so much:
The idea for BART is to focus on the most exciting stuff happening in Canada (namely western, but there’s been quite a bit from across the country). I know most labels tend to have bands from all over the world, but like Dischord or something like that, I think it’s important to document what is happening in your town, in your scene.
Hell, yeah! Anyways, this tape picks up where the hardcore of Corta Vita left off - and also paves the way for Stebner's Stalwart Songs (who win the prize for the best-packaged 12" of 2012).

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