Saturday 12 January 2013

Braden Funchner - Duthie Birthday Demo (2008)

Since our last post invoked the dearly-departed SIDS, it only makes sense to follow up with this tape, a super-limted issue that we stupidly passed up an opportunity to pick up at what may have been the one-and-only show we've ever seen Brady Kirchner play as a solo act back in 2008 at Sled Island. Sure, we've seen Kirchner play with SIDS, the Pants Situation, the Dudes, the Mandates, Feel Alright... but this is different. This tape is chock full of playful, low-fi, folk-tinged pop that sits nicely beside The You Are Minez and Feel Alright.

We'd like to thank mod-about-town Daaren Boreham for lending us this so we can finally hear this... and let you do the same.

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