Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Draft Dodgers - Sound of New Kanada (2007)

We're big fans of BART Records, so it's a bit weird that we hadn't heard this until Daaren Boreham lent us his copy. This cassette kicked off Kevin Stebner's label - although he notes he didn't really mean to. And, reading through his comments, we see why we like BART so much:
The idea for BART is to focus on the most exciting stuff happening in Canada (namely western, but there’s been quite a bit from across the country). I know most labels tend to have bands from all over the world, but like Dischord or something like that, I think it’s important to document what is happening in your town, in your scene.
Hell, yeah! Anyways, this tape picks up where the hardcore of Corta Vita left off - and also paves the way for Stebner's Stalwart Songs (who win the prize for the best-packaged 12" of 2012).

Asylum Now!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Braden Funchner - Duthie Birthday Demo (2008)

Since our last post invoked the dearly-departed SIDS, it only makes sense to follow up with this tape, a super-limted issue that we stupidly passed up an opportunity to pick up at what may have been the one-and-only show we've ever seen Brady Kirchner play as a solo act back in 2008 at Sled Island. Sure, we've seen Kirchner play with SIDS, the Pants Situation, the Dudes, the Mandates, Feel Alright... but this is different. This tape is chock full of playful, low-fi, folk-tinged pop that sits nicely beside The You Are Minez and Feel Alright.

We'd like to thank mod-about-town Daaren Boreham for lending us this so we can finally hear this... and let you do the same.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Feel Alright - hahahahahaha (2012)

We have a really difficult time not claiming Craig Fahner as a Calgarian, even though he's now based in Pittsburg. His involvement in two of our favourite projects - SIDS and the Gaye Rage - kind of make us want to steal his passport and all his money and maybe even lock him up in our basement where he will make genius pop recordings for us and only for us... except that last part might be illegal and kind of creepy.

We got our hands on a re-issue of his 2011 tape (both put out by Montreal labels, just to add to the internationality of his Feel Alright project), which takes the original eight songs from his pop opus and adds another two. This is low fi - and amazingly good.

As long as he keeps bringing back gems like this, we'll let Fahner roam free. Get this from the Feel Alright bandcamp.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hunter-Gatherer - EP (2009)

This tape was a part of our incentive package for pledging to CJSW back in October; quite simply, when given a choice of packages, the one with the local tape was a sure thing for us. We saw Hunter-Gatherer a couple of years ago, but can't remember who was in the band - we think somehow they went on to be the Cable Knits? You'd think that in this day of the internets, people would be sure to pick a unique band name. Anyways, Weird Canada has labelled this tape as math pop - we're not sure what to say about that.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

You Are Minez - Craft Singles EP (2012)

So, even though we've be pre-occupied over the past few weeks rebuilding the CCPS digital archive (all links should be back up and working - no thanks to RIAA and mediafire's oafish approach to copyright protection), we've had a few new things of note come into our possession. The first is this, the new-ish tape from local boy genius Jean Sebastien Audet. His newest tape is a great slice of bedroom power pop (is that a thing?) - and for us these four tracks hang together better than the 375 tracks on the tape of his that we picked up last summer. Speaking of which, this new The You Are Minez tape feels like a slice of summer.

Update: here's a video thingy from the youtubes:

Get it from The You Are Minez bandcamp.