Monday, 30 December 2013

James Keelaghan - Small Rebellions (1989)

We're excited to present an important folk tape today, one the first from journeyman songwriter James Keelaghan. We actually bought a copy of this on CD at the time that it came out, almost 25 years ago. But it's just recently that a CCPS operative stumbled across a cassette copy of this in a local thrift store.

Here's a great article by James Muretich, from a few years after this tape was released:

Update: as we were going through the archives for Doug Wong Music, we found a folder labeled DWM-3378 without an artist's name in the usual spot. But inside is all of the mockups for the art and production notes for this tape! Even though the final art and tape don't bear any indication of Wong's involvement, it looks like he was part of  getting this great piece of work into the world. 

We're not posting the mp3s for Small Rebellions, since this is available from ye olde iTunes.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Slabs - Feed Our Dirty Dark Souls (2013)

Christmas came early at the CCPS offices! We just got this in the mail, and are super-excited. We're not sure if it's because we're getting more tolerant or because Kamil is getting better (at assembling a good group, at least) - but we really like the Slabs. 

"I'm rolling now and I'm not rewinding it!" someone says on the shambling intro track. Yep, this is recorded straight to ghetto blaster, so you get the Slabs in their raw glory. If you've seen their live show, this tape pretty much captures it. In fact, we're listening to this now, having just seen the band at Republik last night, and it might be the exact same set list. Hmm. 

Anyways, get the limited edition tape from Shake Records

Sunday, 22 December 2013

For Pete's Sake - The Fourth Dimension Experiment (1996)

We want to apologize up front for this. Gene Poole loves a bargain, so the three tapes for $10 offer at Recordland combined with our No Tape Left Behind policy means that we didn't pay as much attention to the imagery on this tape as we should have. We haven't posted any overtly-Christian rock on this site, and this tape shows why. Again, sorry for this.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Solid - Tales of Woe (1996)

Here's another regrettable Recordland purchase. However, we have a rule at the CCPS: No Tape Left Behind. So, here it is, regardless of the merit of posting it.

This is certainly a product of it's time: semi-heavy, grunge-tinged rock. These guys thank CJAY 92 instead of CJSW, which is always warning sign.

Friday, 20 December 2013

One Tribe - Hey Now! (1992)

We've got a few tapes of the highly disappointing variety for you coming up now. We were in Recordland a few weeks ago, and our OCD led us back to the tape aisle to see if there was anything we missed.

Well, we found this. We almost put it back, but it had Gord Adam and Dan Patton's names on it, so we figure we didn't have much to lose. Maybe we should have put this back - this is like a low-rent version of Jr Gone Wild. All it does for us is fill us with an urge to listen to Pull the Goalie.

Which we think we'll go do now... but if you really want, you can download this instead.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Devonian Gardens - Solar Shifting (2013)

We often feel weird for our obsessions with (a) local music and (b) cassette tapes, but the good folk down at Melodiya made us feel downright dirty about it when we picked up this one. There's nothing like having to ask, "can I see one of the tapes under the counter?" to make you feel like the dirty old man that Gene Poole is.

Anyways, so here's the tape in question, a recent release from the band formerly known as Deadhorse. Devonian Gardens play spacey psych rock, with an unapologetic hippie flair. Which we'll put up with as long as they keep turning out tracks like the opener, "Swallow the Sun."

Get their tape like a dirty old man, or download it off bandcamp.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sissys - Sissys Sleep (2013)

We were starting to get a bit worried, as we hadn't seen a release from Bart Records in an alarmingly long while. So we were quite excited to see this, the second tape from what is quite possibly the loudest band in Calgary.

Seriously, all of the stereos in the CCPS office together can't match the volume and might of a Sissys live show. There's a certain physical quality to their shows, having your internal organs pummelled by Darrell Hartsook's massively over-the-top guitar rig. So we won't try to match that with this tape - we'll just take these anti-lullabies at whatever volume our aging eardrums can withstand.

Get the tape from Bart Records or the download from the Sissys bandcamp.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Pygmies - Inside Your Mind (2013)

We suspect that Nuggets-revivalists the Pygmies put out their newest album on both LP and cassette at least partly as a way to get included in this blog. Which we're more than happy to do: the CCPS office stereo tends to play a lot of garage rock, and this time around the Pygmies have upped the psych quotient a bit to put together that Gene Poole has termed "a real humdinger." We think Gene needs to get out more.

You can get inside the Pygmies' minds at your favourite local record shoppe, or through their bandcamp.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ron Matsalla and the Unusuals - I See Red (1991)

So, while we're digging into the oeuvre of Ron Matsalla, we'd best include this 1991 CD that Doug Wong helped to put out. This is big, well-produced power pop stuff that may or may not be leftovers from the days of the Unusuals... this video of the title track looks like it came from about the same era as the other Unusuals videos scattered around the youtubes.

See red here.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Unusuals - The More I Drink the Better She Looks to Me/So Goode (1981)

So, the reason why we accidentally found that Rikki and the Rokkits record is that we had been looking for this one, the Unusuals' second 7". Which, as you probably guessed by now, we found.

Two things about this CD: first, there's no cover - which is sad, because their 44U EP art is so amazing. Second... it's maybe not as consistent as that first record. The A side is Raspberries-ish power pop, the B side is more reminiscent of New York scene pre-punk. Good songs, but an odd mix.

But maybe the more we drink, the better they will sound together.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Rikki and the Rokkits - New Wave/They Never Know (1980)

It's always exciting and terrifying when you find a record you didn't know about. Exciting because, look, it gets the CCPS collection one step closer to being complete! Terrifying because, yikes, how many more records are there out there that we don't know about? Will this thing ever be complete?

So, this one. This record was, as the MOCM tells us, featured on the Dr. Demento Show in 1980. Which gives this pretty high nerd factor. Side A is the novelty song you'd expect (if this had cover art, it would probably be a scathingly satirical illustration by Warren Kinsella), while side B is Raspberries-esque power pop.

More importantly, the songs are authored by Living Room Records guru Richard Harrow and Miles Jackson, both of whom appear to still be active in the recording business.

Get the 7" here.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Huevos Rancheros - Trouble's A-Brewin' (1997)

Before we bail from the Huevos posts completely, we might as well include this beauty, a CD that looks like it was put out for the band's, well, September 1997 tour of Spain. We had to go to Google translate to figure that out - our Mexican exchange student turned out to have a not-quite-perfectly-in-order student visa.

Our ever-present proofreader has pointed out the typo of "Tokio" on the track listing. We have suggested that she build a time machine so that (a) she can go back in time and point this out to the label and (b) we can go back in time to when we had more room on our credit cards and buy more records.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Huevos Rancheros - Wild Turkey Surprise 7" (1999)

We're sad, not just because this is the final Huevos single, but rather because the line art on the back cover is so terrible. Seriously, Mint, would it have killed you to call Bagley for a cover illustration?

Oh, also of note - this is latter day Huevos, with one-time Cooper bandmate Tom Kennedy on bass.

That's about as factual as we can get here. We're going to go pour a glass of turkey and toast the memory of one of Calgary's greatest garage rock bands.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Huevos Rancheros - Jezebel 7" (1995)

1994 was a busy year for singles with thee Huevis (is that plural for Huevos? Our research intern claims it is, but he also claims there's no more bourbon, which we know can't be true... there's got to be more bourbon!) as evidenced by this split with another band, another one not released by a Calgary label. Uh... we actually haven't listened to the other band's side of this thing.

Mostly because the cover art for their side isn't nearly as good as the Huevos side.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Huevos Rancheros - The Various Boss Sounds from Beyond the Far Reaches and Then Some! (split with Man or Astroman?) (1994)

This one brings back bad memories for Gene. Surprisingly recent ones, too: earlier this year he knew he was going to be in Portland when Man or Astroman? was playing and didn't buy and advance ticket. So, Gene got to see the outside of the Doug Fir Lounge rather than the stage (and Man or Astroman?'s legendary live show).

Not even Tom Bagley's cover art can make up for that much regret.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Huevos Rancheros - Rockin' in the Henhouse (1994)

You know we were starting to wonder about the cover art on those last singles. Where was the Bagley art? Well, thankfully it's back with this one. To make up for it, though, it's released on a UK label.

What the cluck?

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Huevos Rancheros - Go West Young Bee 7" (1994)

You know, judging from the labels that put out Huevos' records, you'd think they were from, well let's just guess Bellingham. But WE know better, don't we?

We like this record because it includes a track that Coop did back with the Cryin' Helicopters. And also because the band are wearing matching glasses on the back cover.

But what happened to Coop's hair?!?!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Huevos Rancheros - Cindy with an 'S' 7" (1993)

We should have made an astute comment about how Huevos Rancheros' first 7" was released not locally, but rather on an American label from thee mighty Pacific northwest. Actually, it's a good thing we didn't because now we have something to say about this one.

Behold! Huevos Rancheros' second 7" record, release on an American label from thee mighty Pacific northwest!

Behold further! Video of Brent Cooper with Thee Big Hair!

Get thee sin-gle here (see what we did there?).

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Huevos Rancheros - Rocket to Nowhere 7" (1991)

So, Gene Poole expressed his annoyance at us heading into the CCPS 7"collection without first going through the masters of the 7", the one and only Huevos Rancheros.

To make up for that massive misstep, we're going to play one of our favourite tricks and post something we've already posted in another format. Way back in 2009 we posted the cassette release of this. It's almost been five years, so it should be okay to post this on vinyl now.

Wait, let's read that back: it's almost been five years. We've been at this schtick for a while, so no wonder our posts are sometimes a bit crap.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Everymen/Inquisition - E-I-E-I-OI! (1996)

We're not usually a big fan of split 7" records but this one works for so many reasons, the most notable of which is embodied in the group photo inside the sleeve. Look at all them happy punk kids! Look at l'il smiley Dan Izzo! So cute!

We also love that Inquisition's name was misprinted on the cover - kind of like a super-collectible stamp. But not.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Knucklehead - Knucklehead 7" (1997)

So, as much as we at the CCPS love 10" records, we really, really like 7" records. Mostly because there are way more of them in our collection than any other size of vinyl. So, time to dig into the CCPS 7" collection!

We'll start here, since we just posted a bunch of related 10-inchers. We have no idea how this record ended up on a Florida label - but there you have it.

Also, "Summertime Beer Song" (which also kicks off their 10") is perfect for a day like today when the snow is starting to fall.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

CCPS Miscellany: All Woman Brothers Band - at 164 bpm (1996)

Back up to Edmonton for one last 10" from Melodiya. We really like that Melodiya put out all of these 10" records - it adds to the quirkiness of the label. With the resurgence of vinyl in recent years, we're surprised that no one has jumped on the 10" format. Out Director of Finance suggests that the 10" format is foolish and likely more costly that regular, 12" vinyl, but he's a weiner.

Get yr ten inches here.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Inquisition - Red (1995)

Really, we should have posted this record before yesterday's Knucklehead record. We forgot that this came out first... and you know us, we like to tell our stories in sequence.

Anyways, here's another 10", also on Melodiya. But this time from Inquisition. Who share a name with an ever-increasing number of bands. Note to just-forming death metal bands: Inquisition is not as original a name as you think.

Get red.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Knucklehead - Ode to the Old Reliables (1996)

We're digging into some vinyl that we've collected over the years, and it seems amiss that we neglected to post this earlier, for a few reasons. First, it's on Melodiya. Second, it's a 10" record (our favourite vinyl format). And, third, it's from Knucklehead. Who, according to Wikipedia, "uses fast tempo rhythms and chant choruses". Well, with that said, we don't know what else to add.

So, we'll just point you towards the download.

Friday, 18 October 2013

John Lesbian Seagull/Root Administration - Dirt/Heavy Metal and Communism (2013)

So, after all our bitching and moaning about bands who don't give you a way to buy their tapes via bandcamp, we want to say a huge thanks to Eddie from John Lesbian Seagull for at least answering our request, and happily passing us a copy of this split cassette.

This is kind of an odd mix of bands - in our experience, split records/tapes usually are (except for that Wagbeard/Primrods 10" - that's a high water mark for us. And an excuse to write about the Primrods for a bit...). The frantic pace of the John Lesbian Seagull side kind of outstrips the more by-the-books alt-rock of the Root Administration. But the cover art on the John Lesbian Seagull side is kind of unsettling...

And even though this is a split cassette, you have to go to the John Lesbian Seagull bandcamp to get their side and the Root Administration's to get theirs.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Viet Cong - Viet Cong (2013)

So, being folks that easily find things to obsess over, we at the CCPS have been delighted with the wonder that is bandcamp. It's a great way for us to window shop, and - usually - actually shop. Yep, we really, really like bands that give us an option to either buy the mp3 or buy their tapes, CDs and Edison Cylinders. Yep, we really, really like that. So, we were kind of disappointed when this popped up, without any way to buy the tape. Bands: don't tease the CCPS with mp3s of a tape. Tell us how we can buy it. It's a simple request, right?

So, we were super excited when we found out that Ketamines/Mammoth Cave braniac Paul Lawton had the foresight to grab a pile of these tapes when Viet Cong passed through Toronto. And we were even more excited when he sent us one! Oh, boy, do we ever get excited easily these days...

Anyways, we're taking a lot of time getting to the content today, aren't we? Yep, we sure are. It's almost like we're stalling for time, isn't it? Well, maybe we are. Maybe... we... are...

See, it's tricky for us to put our love for Viet Cong into words. We saw them for the first time at Broken City earlier this year and were pretty much awestruck. It's disingenuous to call these guys a supergroup or a spinoff of Women... sure, a lazy writer could call them that (wait, we're usually lazy writers... what's wrong with us?), but this is a more-than-the-sum-of-their-parts thing. There are touchpoints to the more angular elements of 70's punk, krautrock and, underneath it all, a great pop sensibility. Great, great stuff.

Get the mp3s from the Viet Cong bandcamp, or... hope that someone in Toronto snags you a copy.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Early 1990's Handbills

Over the years, we've posted various things to our Facebook page which haven't - for various reasons - made it to this blog. We're trying to rectify that now, and we swear it's not just to increase our post count and prove our worth. Also: WE'RE NOT RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS OF THINGS TO POST. Entirely. On a side note, please contact Gene Poole if you have anything you'd like to share with the CCPS and its audiences.

Right, back to business. Earlier this year, Curtis Ling passed us a pile of old handbills for the Republik and other venues. Actually, he gave us some tapes, and used these as padding.


It's a pretty cool collection of stuff, and reminds us of how many great shows we don't remember from that era. Check out the full collection on Facebook.