Tuesday 20 November 2012

Browns - Gettin' Jiggy with the Browns!!! (1998)

A flood of questions started hitting us this morning, after being pointed to this tape by the a post on ye olde facebook. Like, why didn't we know there was a tape by the Browns? Why didn't Jeff Caissie give us a copy of this a few years back when we lent us a huge bin of other tapes? Why the ski masks? Why do we get a page not found error when we try to get to their Geocities page? How long until we get the same error when trying to access their myspace page?

Anyways, the Browns, or, more commonly, the Motherfucking Browns. Despite the balaclavas, we believe the band is essentially Jeff Caissie and a revolving cast of ne'er-do-wells, bringing to the stage a level of asshole-ery seldom seen since the Mants. This six-song tape looks like it came out shortly after the band formed, and just ahead of their Greatest Hits Volume One CD, and contains the two songs we love them best for, "American Werewolf in Calgary" and "Ghoulita." Heck, that puts in the mood for a little video action:

BIG, big thanks to the Museum of Canadian Music for posting this. You can read more about the Browns and listen to the tape at their amazing site.

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