Friday, 12 October 2012

Huevos Rancheros - Endsville (1993)

It's been a pretty disappointing year for us on eBay. We've managed to be outbid at the last second on pretty much everything we've been interested in. So, we were all set for heartbreak when we saw this come up for auction last month. Thankfully, the snipers stayed away, and we're able to present one of our favourite early 90's releases.

Endsville was the first sign that something great might happen in Calgary. Why did a label out of Seattle want to put out Huevos' first full-length? It was unfathomable to our tiny minds at the time. Even if it was mostly just a re-recording of the tracks from their first two cassettes and 7" single.

One of the things that made Huevos one of our favourites was that they never took themselves too seriously, as evidence by their interview with James Muretich:

Anyways, we're super stoked to have this in the CCPS collection. Suffice to say, it's replaced our well-played CD.


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