Friday 21 September 2012

Various - Modern Miracles in Science and Medicine (1998)

Shortly after posting our series of Catch and Release compilations, we found out that there was apparently another compilation that we didn't have. This isn't it. There's another one out there somewhere, which means we actually missed two. Which is better than we normally do, quite frankly.

Still, we're quite happy to have this, not just because it's a very nicely assembled package (thanks to Ian Russell) but also because it gives us three more tracks from the quite amazing indie-noise quartet Rayovaq. Too bad one of them is a re-recording of a song off their first tape. There's also a band called Dissembler who we have no idea who they are. And early Clinton St. John vehicle Trikl Act. And Ellipses, an electronica project which may or may not include Garrett McClure from (*sigh*) the Primrods.

Have you figured this game out yet? Any time we mention the Primrods, you have to finish your drink. If you don't want to finish your drink, give us a call, we'll be happy to finish it for you.

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