Wednesday 19 September 2012

CCPS Miscellany: Various - Edmonton Produce

Well, since we're in Edmonton (figuratively speaking), we may as well put this up. One of the guys/gals from Depeche Ode passed this to us over the summer. We can't find a year on this, but we're going to guess it's circa 1995. Maybe?

Anyways, while this CD compilation boasts some truly horrible cover art, it does give us an excuse to post yet more Pal Joey, some All Woman Brothers' Band and a couple of other Edmonton faves (Greyhound Tragedy and, uh, Minstrels on Speed? We might be reaching on that last one).

And, as you know, we're all about excuses.


Anonymous said...

Mach 5 were Edmonton's equivalent of Rush. epic!!!

Unknown said...

guernica the rest are crap