Sunday 2 September 2012

Beyond Possession - Live at the Black Lounge (1996)

Well, summer here at the CCPS has been a bit slow. We've been lazy, we admit it. But we've got a few things in the queue, as a sort of back-to-school present for the kids. We're going to start with this, a combination DVD and CD that Eraz Cohen passed to us a couple of weeks ago (it pays to go to the record shoppes, kids!).

This is a fairly legendary show - when Melodiya released the Repossessed compilation CD in 1996, Beyond Possession also played a show at the Black Lounge (one of four they did at the time, according to the Encylopaedia Metallum) We're pretty thrilled to see this, because it's a pretty crazy show. You get to see Ron Hadley losing his shit because of sound problems as the band is trying to get started. You get to see Ron Hadley losing his shit because the stage divers are taking over the stage. And you get to see Ron Hadley losing his shit because... well, because he's Ron Hadley.

So, while you get to see all of that, we're not sure what's up with the CD. The recording starts about two tracks in (compared to the video), and then goes to crap after track 6. Still, we're providing it as a separate download, since the first six tracks sound great - and also in case you need some white noise to put you to sleep at night.

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Anonymous said...

This line up included guitarist Mike Davies and drummer Chris Banting. Though not the original line up, these guys crushed every stage they ever played.