Monday 16 July 2012

You Are Minez - Having Your Heart Broken Means Once Having Had Somebody To Love (2012)

The new tape onslaught continues! Much has been said about boy genius Jean Sebastien Audet and his many projects, and we've finally managed to get our mitts on a tape of his. This is a really nicely packaged - and nicely executed - affair. Audet has followed the "if it sucks, tape over it" philosophy and recycled old tapes for this (ours has been dubbed onto a copy of Stompin' Tom Connors' "A Proud Canadian," which we would argue was not worthy of this fate) and carefully reconstructed tape art from the early days of the format, when the cover would be a horribly-shrunked version of the LP.

But the standout here is the music. Audet is pretty darn talented, and this tape is full of sludgy, low-fi pop goodness. We hate it when kids are so talented - we realize that we've wasted any potential we may have ever had.

Crap. What have we done with our life? Just go to the You Are Minez bandcamp and leave us alone, okay?

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Anonymous said...

i hear he plays allllll the instruments in this band..